Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hookin' a Clutch

Well, a crochet hook clutch that is...  I am so excited about this because I made it, by myself and without a real pattern. Umm.... actually, I did follow some things suggested in the tutorial over at Little Birdie Secrets, like the space between stitches for the hooks and needles, the button and loop... and that was about it.

I measured out 24" of the main fabric because I wanted to add my guage checker and bobbins (not like the sewing machine bobbin). This length turned out to be perfect!
I would suggest though, if you were to start out a project like this, to lay out your tools before you make any cuts. That way you know you'll have enough space to place in your separating stitches and wrap it all up in the end.
For the gauge checker, I added an extra 3/8" because of seam allowance, and doubled the length to fold over and finish the edge where the checker gets tucked in, just like the hook slots. I think, though, that I miss-measured because I wound up with extra space. It worked out to be a needle spot! :) And if you plan to get more, give yourself some room!

When I sewed the two pieces together, I think I doubled over the button loop so many times, there was no way it was going to come out! and I am pretty proud of the border too. Brandon asked me how I was to close the whole from turning the piece right-side-out and I told him you sew it together. But how tacky a single stitch line looks 3" in the middle and that's it! So I started at one end of the opening and went all the way around. I feel almost genius for thinking of that. No idea if that was on the tutorial or not. But still, it looks pretty good. :)

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