Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Family Camping Trip

Well, about  a  two weeks ago (3/30-31/2012) we took our first camping trip as a family. Brandon and I had not been comping in so long and have been wanting to go on a trip for a while, but just figured it would be too difficult doing it with a little boy.  We were invited to parker canyon lake with some friends, so we got a new tent to house Brandon's air mattress and Nikolai's pack-n-play. It all fit into the 6 person tent pretty well, Nikolai slept the whole night through, and I nearly froze in the freezing weather. Thankfully Brandon has an awesome sleeping bag.

It was really cold that night. Sadly, my sleeping bag is only rated to 40 degrees farenheit (which Brandon had no idea) and wondered why I woke him up being nearly in tears because my legs were so cold. It's a good thing his bag is a great bag and kept us both warm. Nikolai had his fleece footie pajamas, the crocheted blanket my grandmother made him, and a waffle fabric blanket over that. The boy slept the whole night and had managed to get himself out from under one of the blankets. I imagine he was just fine because he woke up happy as a clam and had slept the entire night through!

Nikolai also had his first taste of touching something hot this trip too. He decided it would be a good idea to grab the gilling grate that went over the fire. Of course we had been stopping him every time he reached for it, but all it takes is once. He was not too happy about that. But I can say that He seems to understand, and can say, the word 'hot'. He was fine, no burn marks or anything. I think it just startled him more than anything.

We did a little bit of fishing at the end of our stay, but I did not catch anything and the only fish Brandon caught was a dead one. Oh well, it was fun!

Here are some more pics from our trip...

A not napping little buddy...

Checking out the stuff in the lake

Parker Canyon Lake
On the drive home, I thought it looked cool. :)
The cute Kyoko and her momma, Angelica


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