Monday, April 30, 2012

So Starts The Busy Month of May...

Today is Arbor Day. I did not plant a tree, nor did I do a lesson with my kids about Arbor Day or just about trees or nature. Nope. Instead we did the fun and awesome "Math Quest" with 4th graders (it has people talking about it). There was an observation and I was nervous even though it wasn't me getting the formal observation, but still I knew there would be some informal notes or something thrown in there...

But instead I am looking at this busy month and thinking regrettably, "when will it end?" and it hasn't even started yet.

Every weekend we have something going on. Eeek! I was hoping to make Dylan a coloring book holder and a quiet book before her birthday party on the 27th, but now I am stressing out about time!

Just needed to stress a little bit, feeling like I don't have a whole lot of time. Movies (so excited about The Avengers!!!), three birthdays, a concert, 2 weddings and a bachelorette party. Cannot forget Mother's Day, and the Craftsy Block of the Month for May (wonky log cabin, my mom and I have been looking forward to that!)

Not to mention this is the last month of school. One more IEP, who knows about what meetings await us. I need to finish my job application, but waiting for letters of recommendation. Ack!

I am not trying to complain, we just have a really busy week. It's going to be crazy! I'm just hoping we survive (i know we will).