Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

I think this counts as Nikolai's first real Easter. He was able to search for eggs, and partake of the kids enjoyment.   We decided that because Brandon wanted to go to the sunrise service at his parents church (which I had no idea it was outside, silly me), we needed decent and cute outfits for Easter. This meant a cute dress/skirt for me (one that Brandon does not think looks like a tablecloth), a cute shirt/pant combo for Nikolai, and a decent shirt for Brandon (he already has dress slacks). So we spent ALL day at the mall that Saturday. By the end, I was told that I need a girl-friend to do that stuff with because it was just aweful!

I really like my new skirt I got from Old Navy. It is super cute. And Nikolai's cute little suit (with clip on tie) was so adorable too! I loved him in it! We got Brandon a matching shirt and similar tie too. I know, I love being that cheesy matching family. It is so fun to be cheesy matchy.  I was just freezing in that light weight skirt, tank top and 3/4 cardigan. Poor little dude was shaking with cold during that morning service. But it all worked out. We had breakfast of eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and bacon or sausage at the church. Nikolai seemed to really enjoy the eggs. He is such a good little eater.

Well, after waking up at 5/5:30 am to go to the sunrise service we then returned home to take a few pictures and take a nap.  But of course, got a few cute pictures in...

After I took a little over an hour nap, and Nikolai took a 2.5 - 3+ hour nap (I honestly cannot remember), My Dad stopped by and brought this cute little cow (Nikolai enjoys making cow noises) and this cute fish, both stuffed animals which have already made a tour of the house and I have no idea where they are. When Nikolai saw his Grandpa, his little face lit up. It was so adorable to see! Made me smile. :)

From there we went to Brandon's aunt's house for Easter lunch and stayed for a while, but Nikolai got so cranky! He was not a happy camper by the time we left. He was so tired. But he had fun playing with all the cousins that were there. And, he enjoyed eating his ham and turkey, potatoes and veges (especially asparagus, that boy loves asparagus), stuffing and everything else there was to eat. 

When we got home, Nikolai went down nearly immediately for another nap. He slept around an hour that time. While he was napping, Brandon went out to get eggs and candy. I was sad that there was no easter egg hunt and Nikolai was actually going to be able to do it. He caught on to it pretty quick though. Annie, Gabbie and Bonnie came over. the girls helped hide eggs. Brooke, Isaac and Nikolai all searched for eggs. It was fun. We had 78 eggs to share between everyone! Of course they all had around 3-5 pieces of candy in them which really seemed like hardly anything once we consolidated the kids candy into 4 eggs each!

After hunting for egs, we sat inside, condensed eggs and ate some candy. Nikolai ate more than I would have liked, but the kids helped him out with that. I should have taken one of his eggs to work with me. It would have lasted me the entire week. I don't think Nikolai has eaten candy since this day, so it is ok. :) Besides, they had fun! :)

He is so funny!
First time eating candy... and it's a sour patch kid... lol!

Bein a tease

So serious

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