Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Growing Vocabulary

We had a Doctor's Well Baby check this last Friday (3-30, weighed in at 19.8lbs and 29.25in) and I was pretty nervous with the weight issue and all. The way I see it, he eats when he wants but will pretty much eat just about anything and is developing as he should be. He can walk, he is getting a grip on running (boy am I tired!), and he can climb (how many times to I have to take him off the coffee table?!?)... But really, words are coming out left and right! It is crazy! Sometimes I have no idea what he is saying, other times my brain just stops, "did he just say that?"...

Ok... So... The doctor asked if he was saying any words (silly question since he has been talking since 9.5 months) and how many. He wanted me to count? Really? So, me being the literal person that I am have to ask the question. When you say words do you mean the full, every single sound, or just like the do for dog? I know he is saying dog when he just says the do, but others may not.

Well, apparently partial words count as a word, as long as you know it is what they mean. So I guess he can say about 20 words. I have no idea. So, I need to brainstorm this then...

Body Parts
head, hair, teeth, mouth, eyes, ears, toes (once)

cat, dog, giraffe, gorilla, duck, fish, bear

hi, hello, bye (once), off, no, yeah, yes

meat, good, yummy, done

shapes, read (i swear he says this when handing me a book), book, grover (though it sounds like gro), play

hat, on, off, sock

mama, daddy, baby, out (for outside)

count (38)

I swear the other day he said "diaper change" while pointing to the changing table.
Other times it sounds like he says "I did it" when playing.
Once when I was dressing him it once said like he said "I sleepy" when crying it was too cute so I responded with "I know your sleepy."

Including those 6 words that puts the count to 44. I am not sure how valid that is, and he doesn't use all these words all the time. I am probably missing a few too.

These are not just the words that he understands. It is amazing the words that he understands.

It is wonderful watching a little person grow!

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