Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sticker Organization!

I have been needing a better way to organize my scrapbook stickers. I have been using these containers, which seem to me more like page organizers for current projects (which is now what they are currently being used for). I was thinking something with tabs that I can put in my bookcase and see the categories that I have and can pull out what I want when I need it. But as I was walking through Target I realized I could probably do a binder and sheet protectors. That way they are all in one spot and I can grab what I want out of there when I need it. No need to be too complex.

So... The hard part was organizing them all by type/category. I have so many stickers!

Here are my categories: Animals & Plants
Brands, Logos & Quotes
Food & Drink
Graduation & School
Kids & Baby
Words & Phrases
Vacation & Travel

I am excited because it seems to be working fairly well so far. :) I just like that it looks so much better than it did. Maybe I should have used a 12x12 for it because of the stickers sticking out the top, but for now...this is working pretty well.

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