Wednesday, September 19, 2012

7 little teefers

I am so g;ad that Nikolai likes brushing his teeth. I know this wont last forever, and expecially since now he has 7, (yay for 7 teeth!) we really want to keep these teeth clean, happy and healthy. I will usually try to get the actually brushed before he takes over, because then I know they actually got the toothbrush to them! LOL. But he really likes to copy Momma and Dada when brushing his teeth! :)

He will even brush his tongue!
And of course, rinsing the tooth brush... :)

I managed to get my finger into his mouth on the 12th to see if there were any other teeth trying to get through and I was so excited that he is now up to 7! The bicuspid on his (right? no... left?) side. We have been waiting forever for a new tooth! And he has a doctor's appointment on Friday! I know he has grown, cannot wait to see how much!

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