Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Happiness II

Happy Friday!  I am so glad it is Friday, and that Friday is my day off! Hurrah for being only part-time! Sometimes I wonder if I could survive a full day of teaching, and a full week! It just works out so perfectly because I can go teach, and then I can come home and play with my little boy (who currently wants to play by himself right now). So, extra bonus? I get some temporary 'me' time! :)

I have really been looking forward to these Fridays!

But my major happiness point this week was that Brandon fixed my sewing machine! He did that Sunday, and I have done some stuff with it like the trial block for the Fox Trails jelly roll. I am still a little stuck on how I want the layout of the blocks to look, and I posted a little on that in the Where to Start? post... But I was able to start it!

Another secondary major happiness moment for me was and IEP meeting and suggesting an aide for a student. It has been of some concern for some time now, though the student did not have one. I was scared that I was going to get into trouble for suggesting one in the meeting. Still don't know if that was ok or not, but it was done and the student needs it. Both the general education teacher and the assistant principal were in agreement at the meeting and said that it went well. So that is good! :)

My third happiness moment was/is our vacation coming in a week. No vacation this summer so we could go to my cousin's wedding. We leave next Friday in the early morning and return that Tuesday in the morning. I know it is still a week away and I need to change the hotel confirmation times because the return flight was moved to 6 hours earlier, but I am so excited! I need to finish my shawl (I am going to get extra yarn and double it for thickness). We got the boys suit coats from the tailor yesterday and although little man's is really wide it is super cute because we had the sleeves shortened. We had to give him chocolate to put the jacket on!

Here is a before the tailor got a hold of the sleeves...

Here is to wishing you a Friday and a week full of Happiness! Linking up at