Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where To Start? First Jelly Roll

I am really liking these UFO Sunday posts on Free Motion Quilting! This week I have a question!

I won this awesome fabric from for promoting their 100 quilts for kids charity event and I have been trying to decide what to do with it! It is Fox Trails by Riley Blake and it is just so cute! I love the soft colors and the fun prints! But, I have been trying to decide what to do with this! This is my first jelly roll and I hate wasting fabric. I am not sure exactly how far this will go. Usually I just cut and sew from yardage!

But I can say that I am really looking forward to actually getting something made with this! :) Not to mention the learning experience that goes with it!

I found this cute picture off of pinterest. Isn't pinterest wonderful for finding such great ideas and for inspiration? Well, I wanted to something like it, but didn't want it to be exactly that. I had some ideas in my head that I tried coloring out on graph paper. It didn't quite work out the way that I wanted and then I came up with the idea that my husband likes best(on the right). I altered it and came up with the one I liked best (on the left)... I asked my friends on Facebook what ones they liked best and the one on the left won..
Then I thought the one on the right would look better with the strip removed (and it may be easier to do? so then I came up with these two...

So my question is which one do you like better? I like them both and I think I would be happy with either (as I was so excited that I feel I have kinda done them on my own)... I am sure these are out there somewhere... I just need help deciding...

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No update with Nikolai's quilt... I have been so busy with work and stuff, I haven't done much. But on a happy note, Brandon has fixed my sewing machine! So happy and thankful that my husband is so handy! :)