Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Listed UFOs

So, following this Sunday thing of unfinished objects, I have started taking pictures and trying to remember what it is that I have yet to finish. I figure that Nikolai's quilt no longer counts as a UFO and instead a WIP. Don't worry. I will post updates on his quilt later. I have 1/6 of the quilting on the inside to do, quilting the borders then the binding! Yay! Thanks for your comments, it has made the process so much more fun! Nikolai and I sing and dance (as well as I can seated anyway) to the kids station I have through Pandora. I think he is as excited as I am!
So this is the compilation of UFOs that I still need to even start.
1. My first afghan...

Can it be called an afghan? It is more like an over sized blanket. I started this about 7(+ ?) years ago when I was teaching myself some of the basic stitches of crochet. It started as an attempt to make a scarf, turned out way too long and thus was a blanket. I was told the chains would shrink, but I overestimated the amount of shrinkage...
This thing fits over the bed, may not hang off the edges on the sides yet, but hangs off the head and foot of the bed. I haven't checked measurements yet. I think I just don't want to. Last time I touched this blanket was about 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Nikolai. We laughed and said when it is finished it will be big enough the whole family will be able to cuddle up in it. It is a little over half way done. I am not starting this one yet... One UFO at a time! LOL
2. Band Shirt Memory Quilt...
I started this in January and stopped in June. I stopped because I needed to determine the size of the outer border, and I do not have a backing for it yet... No idea how I am going to do the backing on this thing. One big piece of fabric (pattern continued, it's gonna have to be pieced), a funky wonky back with the left over fabrics and some other pieces of the shirts? So many options! Any way that it is done, it will be awesome!

This one on the top I took shortly before I stopped working on it. The one on the bottom was taken today using the timer. The thing is huge! Currently it is 70"x49.5". I may have to re-measure that. And this is before the border! I found in the miscuts or what not at Joann's this cute black fabric with larger music notes. So this is going to be the outer border, and I have a yard of it. As soon as I get it back on the project wall, I can measure it, cut the border and put it on.
The top is done (made with some left overs from the band quilt) and I am trying to decide if the fabric I got for the back is what I really want to use for this one. I just don't really know. This top was more for the purpose of seeing how a pattern went together. I think I know how I want to do the quilting on it at least! :)  I stopped the band quilt to do this, and it only took me about a week (a couple hours a day).
3. Tic-Tac-Toe Board...
This is crochet, and I started it before the beginning of the school year. I got tossed up with the 'X' because I did not like the way that it looked. Since taking it out to take a picture of it today, I do not think that it looks too bad. I would do the board over again and am debating if I want to leave this one this way (finish it) and just make a whole new one, or trash this one and make a while new one...
The solid piece that I am currently working on is the backing. It attaches to the front and makes a pocket to hold the o's and x's. I have all the o's done, just the one x. It is almost there. Perhaps I may start this one this week? I am not sure...
I have all the pieces cut out for hers, but the problem with my sewing machine is preventing me from making this one. Mine looks so cute on my desk, I had to share the love of the coaster!
5. Our Wedding Scrapbook/ The Baby Book Scrapbook...
I even have the scrapbook, papers and stickers for our wedding. I just have to have the pictures printed (it is too much to do it with my printer).  For the baby book... I have the belly pictures in and Nikolai's first month in. I still have so much to do.
6. Organize and Clean...
This is more specifically the craft/office/cat room. It has been in complete disarray since Nikolai was born and I really need to work in there. I have done some in the last couple years, but it needs a lot more work. Papers, craft stuff, teaching stuff, etc. are all about the floor and it is so hard to move in that room, let alone craft! :)
This is not even my list of things that I want to start!
I also want to: (future projects)
  1. sew a sleeping bag liner
  2. sew a bag for our air mattress for camping
  3. the quilt for 100 quilts for kids (layout kinda made and will post more on that later)
  4. Autism Awareness puzzle piece quilt using Pieces of Hope by Riley Blake
  5. Chess game board quilt using Ebony Ginko Stonehenge for Northcott Fabrics
  6. A pair of christmas pants for Nikolai using an old pair of mine
  7. A set of number, shape and color cards like my Alphabet Flash Cards
But for now, I am just focusing on Nikolai's quilt. I think I am going to try tackling my projects one at a time until they are finished. Then start the future projects. I wanted to have the sleeping bag liner and air mattress bag done before the second weekend in october for a camping trip, but us going camping may just have to wait until my machine works. Wel, Nikolai and I camping with Brandon will have to wait. Who knows, the house may get accepted and move super fast and we might not even go camping! Though that is doubtful for a short sale.. :)
Until next time, happy crafting! :) Linking up at :)


  1. You have some very interesting projects on your list. I like your crocheting which is a craft I don't do. I like your plan to finish up one project at a time. You will feel so rewarded to have Nikolai's quilt finished.

    1. I think it would be less overwhelming doing one project at a time. That way I don't get sidetracked with one UFO. :)

  2. Love the labyrinth quilt! I think we should get together, let the kids play & entertain eachother & we could get some of our projects done. Sounds good in theory anyway.

    1. Next time you are down we should get together and work on projects!

      Stuff always sounds good in theory! :)


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