Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Planning, First Jelly Roll...

Well.. I did a practice piece for the jelly roll quilt and I love how cute it looks! I love having used scraps and thanks to Leah and her comment on my Where to Start? post, I was able to start there!

I have to say that I am just ecstatic about how it looks! I love it! I went kind of flying geese like on this because I am not really sure how else to tackle the size without loosing fabric to seams. And I found a pretty nifty chart (because I was thinking 4.5 was too big for the top and bottom). You can go to  Flying Geese Size Requirements and it lists the cuts for a finished geese from .5x1 to 4x8.. :)

Finished, the block would be 8" x 6". Kind of an odd shape. But still, I love it!
Only one problem...
The size of the finished quilt...
I went here for the approximate sizes for a baby/toddler quilt ... Start Quilting 2 ... and I really wanted it to be a toddler quilt. So I worked out the measurements based on this square ... and found that I would not have enough of the neutral/background fabric from the jelly roll for this pattern...

For the toddler size it would have been 4 blocks by 7 blocks and perfectly 35" x 45" with the inner and outer border.

If I do it as a baby quilt, it will be 3x5 blocks or 4x4... That seems almost so small! But, I will work out the ideas in my head and decide... I think I may end up doing the diamond pattern rather that the one that had the chevron in it. It may look really cute baby sized.
I am so excited! I don't know if it is because I feel this is all me (with the help and suggestions of others), or if because I can use my sewing machine again! :)
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