Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Happiness

The stress continues, but I spent this whole week just thinking, "ooh, this is Friday Felicity worthy!"...

Today, what stands out the most in my mind is that Nikolai's pediatrician is fairly understanding. Things could be worse and harder...
We (I shouldn't say we, it really is just the doctor) have had concern about Nikolai's weight for about the last year. He is below the scale. But, he is doing fine. He eats well, is growing and developing. He is ahead of milestones in some aspects (can speak in 3 word sentences) and on target in others. He is not behind in anything really. He can name, or point to, almost all his body parts. So there really shouldn't be too much concern.
But because according to the doctor stuff that they are supposed to look at, Nikolai is below the "failure to thrive" line on the growth chart. At least the doctor can look at him, listen to him and see that he is doing well. That I am so grateful for!
Nikolai just up and threw his light up ball (brought it with for those waiting moments in the room) at the doctor. It was a great throw! Even the doctor sounded impressed. They threw back and forth a little bit and Nikolai would comment on something about the ball... I will update more about his doctor's visit later...
I am just glad the doctor is understanding. We are trying, but a little boy can only eat so much in a day. :)
Happy Friday! :)


  1. I'm tickled that you had Friday Felicities on the mind this week! :) Thanks so much for linking up.

    It sounds like your little dude is doing just fine - so glad for you that your ped has some common sense.

  2. Coming over from Friday Felicities!
    One of my joys this week was finding Shawn Anchor's The Happiness Advantage. He talks about doctors and others comparing everyone to the "average" - by Shawn's viewpoint your son is definitely above average.


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