Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cool Finds and Juice Boxes

Well, the juice box thing is a little old. I just have not yet shared it with you yet. This is partly because I have forgotten and partly because I have not taken the time to go through the pictures that I have of him.

Nikolai will drink apple juice from a juice box! Not all the time though, and he love drinking from a cup and gets better each time he does it! We got him some of those pedia-sure things and he will drink those straight from the container, he thinks it is so funny!

He is growing up just too dang fast! Today, he said something to his Grandma that was a combination of 4 words, and made sense! This weekend, while Brandon was setting up the tent (he wanted to camp and we figured the backyard was as good as any), Nikolai started crying standing by the security door. He kept saying "I want Dadda". It was so cute, but so sad at the same time. He is getting better at talking, and if you think he says one thing and ask him, he will say 'no'. It's like a 'that's not what I said!' and he will repeat it! It is crazy! He is not a baby anymore...
Today, we all went to help set stuff up for a garage sale. It was nice because it gave us first pickings! I got this cute bean pot with 6 bowls. It has this cute little chili design on it. Not my type of design, but I cannot wait to use it for chili this winter. I do not like to cook, it is such a chore. But I will do it out of necessity. And sometimes it is nice to try new things. I try to like cooking. But, I think I am coming to the realization that I just don't like it. One thing that I look forward to once winter starts approaching is chili. I love chili. It goes well with so much! I cannot wait to use my bean pot for chili! :)

We got the metal box. It is not a very small metal box and we were thinking of using it for camping. I should have taken pictures but I did not. We hope to go the second week in October, so if we do go, I should have pictures then.  I am planning on doing a liner for my sleeping bag since it is not rated for anything colder than 40 °F, and making a carrying bag for our air mattress. But, this is if all goes well and we do go camping. Brandon and his sister are going squirrel hunting, so it would be more of a tag-a-long type thing for us anyway (and will still be fun!).
But, I digress. I got a paper rack thing and want to use it for my cricut mats (and maybe later my omnigrids), or at least see if it keeps that area in my craft space a little neater. My goal is to have the craft/office/cat room cleaned and organized before we ever move. I think cleaned and organized would make for some easier packing... We will see if I ever get to it though. :)
I hope to have some more done on Nikolai's quilt before Sunday, and will link up with the FreeMotionQuiltingProject's UFO Sunday. (UnFinished Objects). I should really get a list together of all my UnFinished Objects. But, I think I will just think about Nikolai's quilt.

For now, here is another picture of little man with his first juice box (dated 8-18).

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