Friday, September 14, 2012

The Happiness Advantage - Friday Felicities

Don't you just love the blogging and social networking world! Isn't it amazing that you can seem to find certain things right when it seems you need them the most?
I came across Hoosier Toni's post Friday Felicities in my news feed in blogger and opened it. I will be honest I do not always read every blog post that pops up in my news feed, But this one caught my attention and led me to Felicity Quilts and something she does every Friday called Friday Felicities.
Well, it peaked my interest. Especially how my last couple of weeks had gone and I had to look into it. Felicity, over at Felicity Quilts will post about what she is thankful for (i.e. gratitudes) every Friday to keep things positive. She had gotten her idea from The Happiness Advantage.

The idea is that happy people are not successful because they set their goals thinking that "if I get this I will be happy" but instead because they are happy they become successful.
Coming across this now seems almost perfect in timing. Between work and my certificate (the problem with part-time), looking at houses (which we are making an offer on one), professional development training, IEP meetings, students' behavioral issues, my sewing machine not really working, a constant headache for the last week, stomach sickness, (etc...), I was feeling a little frazzled and maybe slightly... ummm... I guess depressed would work. I stopped exercising the little bit that I did (and apparently not a best idea according to The Happiness Advantage). I think that maybe it was coming out in my posts, and I know I have not been myself at work lately.
I knew I needed to change my thoughts around. But sometimes it is so hard to do so. And then I came across this and thought that it does just make perfect sense! I can even see this being a nice way to end the day in the classroom! Have students, in a journal or note cards or something, write 3 gratitudes down. I wonder if you would see an improvement in academic performance? Self-esteem?
And Felicity's Friday Felicities (that made me giggle!) is a linky party! How nice, that makes a great way to jump into it!
So now that I have (kind of) given a little background, here are my 3 Gratitudes for the day:
I am so glad for our family and the support they have given for the process of looking at houses. I know it seems like we weren't looking very long. But the ideas and questions to ask the realtor have been really helpful. Assistance on where to find information has been great. We made an offer yesterday and are keeping our fingers crossed!
The UFO posts about Nikolai's that I have made received some motivational comments, and I thank those readers that have given me the encouragement to start the quilting project. Nikolai and I have spent time listening to Pandora and dancing while I quilted. It has been so fun! It is more than halfway done! Even though I was sceptical about it, I am liking how it is looking.
My little boy is really getting into feeding himself! He had a bowl of cereal all by himself! Not only am I proud of his accomplishment, but also that I was able to eat with him! It was so nice the two of us sitting at the table eating together!
I am linking up over at Felicity Quilts. Hope you have a great weekend!