Saturday, April 28, 2012


What can I say? Nikolai really likes his crayons! He LOVES his crayons, especially to write on the wall with (no pictures for that though) so I try to keep him confined to his highchair when using his awesome, washable crayons! :)

So far, he is not really favoring one hand over the other when it comes to using his crayons. :) Although when he eats, he tends to use silverware with his right and use his hand with the left, but I don't think that is favoring (yet).

It was just a lot of fun watching him play with the crayons (one in each hand) and make scribbles on paper. It was fun taking pictures of him too! :)

Because there isn't much to say, except that he LOVES his crayons, I am just going to post some pictures. :)

Oh, and he only tried to eat them once! :)