Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Things They Should Really Warn You About Before Getting Pregnant

Ok, so I was going to wait to post this until next week, but after watching Tyra and her episode on the Teen Pregnancy Epidemic, I have to do it before I forget. Two girls were on saying they were trying to get pregnant. One at the age of 14 the other at 16. How crazy! Being so young and actively trying! Wow!  Of course, Tyra had pregnant teens on the show to share their stories and hopefully change the minds of the trying young ones. I wonder what they are thinking, those girls. It's not all fun and games. One said she was looking forward to the shower, but that is what, a few hours out of a lifetime!?! Granted, yes it is something to look forward to, but not to be the center of attention, and not for the gifts. To celebrate a life that will be entering the world very soon! Wait till later, and you can participate in many showers to come.

I also feel sorry for the people who think, "yes! 9+ months without that dreaded period!"  (Yes, it will take longer than just after birth for the return of a period, especially if you are breastfeeding). We should know better that with some great things (feeling the baby kick and move, hearing the heartbeat) mother nature is going to throw some extra curve balls and make some not so nice moments like: round ligament pain, motion sickness and dizziness, morning sickness that lasts ALL DAY, and more that are not so familiar.

So I share this link to an article on Most of these, almost every woman will experience during pregnancy and some lucky ones will not. But regardless, I share this with you because they need to be known... But I warn you, this is not for everyone...

Top 10 Things They Should Really Warn You About Before You Get Pregnant

#1.   You might grow a beard.
#2.   Taking a good poop could feel like a distant memory.
#3.   You’ll have insane gas you can’t even blame on the dog.
#4.   Two words: Uncontrollable drooling.
#5.   You’ll burp like a frat boy.
#6.   Grooming your lady bits could become the bane of your existence. 
#7.   There will be discharge. And lots of it.
#8.   The term “lightening crotch” will become a painful reality.
#9.   Kindergarten wasn’t the last time you’ll pee your pants in public.
#10. Your vag will actually grow. (Yes, grow.)

Ok, so here you have the top 10 things. (Read the link, the explanations are even better!) And regretfully, they are not fun! I can say, these are some reasons I look forward to after the next 3 months. Though, some of these do not return to normal until even later after birth. At least now, some of you have a head up...

I urge you to share.


  1. Haha! Those are great! Some I have found to be so very true... Others I'm sure I have to look forward too :(

  2. Yup! Ugh, a few of these are probably what make us want the baby to come out, or else postpartum would probably be worse!


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