Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2nd Trimester ~ 1 Week Left!

What a way to mark the ending of the 2nd trimester but to start the Childbirth classes!

We are taking classes on the Bradley Method because of our goals to go through childbirth un-medicated. Yes! People say we are crazy, that the pain is unbearable, and it will save the baby and yourself unnecessary tiredness and exhaustion. (personal experiences are not all the same)... Well, based on our feelings and how we perceive how childbirth will go, we don't want the medication. It's not bravery. It is how we want to experience the miracle of our child entering the world. This comes with the understanding that there may be a necessity for the use of medication and/or even cesarean. But that, though, is something we hope will not happen. We are using these classes to be the best prepared we can be before walking into the delivery ward of the hospital. I have a feeling we will be defending this position the rest of the way until after we have Nikolai in our arms.

The first day of class was fun! Meeting the 5 other couples due around the same time as us was great. And they ranged from Farmers and Teachers to Engineers and Chiropractors! Such and eclectic group of people! We are the first ones due in the class as well! The furthest along! I am so glad that we were able to enroll in the class, that it was not full! For as late as I started looking into the different methods, I am surprised that it was available! The time just went by so quickly, even if it was preliminary introductions and going over expectations (we have homework!).

We discussed pain. The different ways we handle pain (ice, water, food, breathing, relaxing, etc.) and what happens (not in extensive detail) during contractions. The little bit that we learned about the contractions, the muscle, and what you would do say if you were to run and your muscles hurt. Eating carbohydrates for energy, drinking water for hydration... We are preparing to run a marathon, without actually running. It made so much sense, the role of nutrition and the contractions. Part of our homework involves documenting what we eat. This reminds me of the assignment I had to complete in my Nutrition class from Pima. I hated writing down everything. But it is for a good purpose. To see how we eat, and to improve our diet. Even if it is kinda late (only 3 months to go), it is still helpful! Maybe I can get Brandon to document what he eats too... Yeah, right!

We also did stretching/exercising and relaxing techniques. The stretches/exercises I was mostly familiar with minus one... squatting, pelvic rocking (cat/cow without the cat from yoga), tailor sitting, butterfly, Kegels... That was funny! Asking the guys if they knew what a Kegel was. The only guy that raised his hand is having his second child. He started laughing and said, "trust me, you know what it is". The girls couldn't help but laugh too. All I have to say is thank you "Sex and the City" or I would have been lost about that before becoming pregnant! Anyway, Wow, do I need to work on my posture!

We needed to bring the two pillows with us for relaxation. The pillows we used to prop ourselves on to support the belly and the breast while lying down. Basically how I sleep with the body pillow at night. Thank you "what to expect when your expecting" or I would be lost with the position. (And thank you Donna and Linda for getting that for me! :D). We tensed muscles from our feet to our face, and the guy would 'message' after the tensing. A class later will involve actual message! But it just felt so good as it was!

I enjoyed the participation. The instructor gave an alternative to the squatting for people with bad knees (silly car accident!) and we practiced everything. We even got reminder stickers for Kegels! I still can't help but laugh at that! On the way home, we talked about what we did, and aside from the reading that is suggested and voluntary (we borrowed "Husband-Coached Childbirth" to read together), we are looking forward to the homework. And, we have a quiz! Only two weeks until our next class because something came up for the instructor. Its slightly sad. I am just so excited about these classes!


  1. Hey Jess- if it makes you feel any better I plan to give birth unmedicated too :) You shouldn't have to defend that position - everyone is different and I think everyone should do what is best for them. Good luck with everything! I'm glad you are enjoying the classes! It sounds like something I should look into for February :)

  2. I agree (and thanks!)! But, there is a handful of both. The people who understand and those who don't. Luckily the people I talk to most often are the ones who do. :).
    I would totally suggest the method to you! We are talking a class with Nancy Capo website:
    I know some other people who took the classes with her and liked it. Send her an email, because the classes run 10-12 weeks! A good thing to get the ball rolling now!


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