Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Super Sweet Heart Beat

Got back from the doctors yesterday super stoked because I recorded Nikolai's Heartbeat! I listened to the recording the entire way home. Over and over again! Granted it is only about 10 seconds worth of the heartbeat (and I wish it is a little louder), but still! I can listen to it over and over again. Our little peanut's heartbeat! That, I think, is the best thing I have gotten from a regular check-up so far. Sonograms don't count as a regular check up. :)

Because I am so excited about this, you all can hear my little guys heartbeat too! I just want to share it with everybody! It is just too cool! Though you may need to turn up your speakers to hear it and don't mind my belly button right in front of the camera. It is more for the sounds than for the picture...

I put the recording on Brandon's phone (to big to send in a text). And he listened to it a couple times then beamed!   His response "aren't you glad I suggested to record the heartbeat?" Of course I had to tell him I listened to it over and over again on the way home, and over and over again after I put it on his phone. It just ads to the excitement! Waiting for him to arrive!


I also had to take the glucose test. Ug! At least it wasn't that bad. I had heard so many horror stories of this extremely sweet drink you have to down in 5 minutes and then, fast for an hour! No water (maybe a few little sips) no food, and cannot leave the doctors office, stuck there for at least an hour! Well, the nurse had lunch at 12. My appointment was at 11:15. There was no way I could take the drink when I got there, so I had to wait till 12 to take the drink so she could draw the blood at 1. I was there far to long and by 12:30, I was so hungry and thirsty. Ug, it was awful! But at least it is done and over with!

The drink flavor I had was fruit punch. I think I got lucky with that. I had heard of flat sprites and root beers, but this was fruit punch. It reminded me of Hawaiian Punch only a bit sweeter. That at least made it easy to drink in 5 minutes, I was done in 3. 10 oz of this super sweet drink... It was a little too much sweet for me though. 

Looking at the directions ( i wanted to make sure I did it right) I happened to glance at the side effects. Some things I can expect, especially for the weak stomached types: vomiting, upset stomach. I was hoping that my stomach could handle it. Seen as how I really only had to drive the porcelain bus a few times in the first trimester, I figured I was ok. But the last one really got me, passing out. Fainting. Really!?! That was a side effect? I wonder how any people actually pass out from that. And, what it means for their tolerance of sugars! Wow! I thought, Crazy! Course, now that I think about it, it is testing for gestational diabetes. A drink that is pretty much all sugar? Yeah, that can affect a diabetic person in a horrible way!

At least I did not pass-out, vomit, or even feel a bit queasy. I brought my sudoku book with me to keep me busy and luckily, the harder ones take me a while to complete. The time past rather quickly. My arm is a bit sore (I really don't like getting blood drawn), but no bruise is forming yet. At least I got to walk away with 10 seconds of my Nikolai's heartbeat!

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