Tuesday, September 7, 2010

100 Days Left!

It just seems like a major marker, a nice round number!

100 days left! Exciting!

It feels like such a long time, but such a short amount of time! We still don't have anything more done in the room, though it is not as full of stuff as it was before. I just hope we can get the floor sealed and walls painted (if we do that) before the baby comes. I guess now would be a good time to get the prices of the items together and create a list of what we will be getting and when based on necessity (i.e changing table/bassinet) and price (lowest to highest?).

Got the directions for The Bradley class starting next Tuesday! I am super excited about that and now I have to think of what to wear! It is suggested to wear comfy and loose fitting clothes. Hmm, what do I have that is loose fitting? Nothing really. I am a little nervous about it too. But after 10 weeks, I am excited to get to know some parents with babies due around the same time as us! Part of the classes also helps us to develop a birth plan. I am really looking forward to just learning about the process. Really, after all the stories, I still have no idea what to expect...

I was looking through a check list and it suggests to look into, or start, pre-registering for the delivery. Eeek... At least TMC does pre-registration, but, already!?! And it suggests to take a tour of the maternity ward. Does going there for the birth of a friend's baby count? So I guess this is stuff we will be discussing over the next few days. At least getting things together to work on the pre-registration. I don't want to have to worry about that when it comes time to deliver, and I would rather have Brandon not busy with the paperwork (as I am sure he doesn't want to be either!) So much to think about! SO much to plan, and really, so little time! It'll fly!!!