Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 29

Beginning week 29! Only 11 left to go! Getting pieces for the baby room, starting a new job, getting ready for a family shower... Maybe it is too many things to do all at once? Especially while awaiting the arrival of Nikolai in 11 weeks?  Hmm... But they are necessary! Not to mention Fun! Sadly, not so much happy stuff is happening though too...

I started as a substitute teacher at Sahuarita Unified School District today! I am so excited to be able to spend some time in a classroom again. It is amazing how I can miss it after not being in one for such a short period of time! It will be better than my current position, and not to mention help us out more so financially. That is, of course, if I get assignments! I just have to remember to keep my days open! Now, if only I can figure out how the online system works...

We experienced some difficulty picking up the changer/dresser on Tuesday. Not quite thinking through the size of the box, we took my little yellow Chevy Aveo to the store. The item has to be assembled by yourself (or so we thought) so we figured the box can't be too big. Turns out, the box is bigger than the unit itself  because it is shipped pre-assembled, and way too big to fit into my little tiny Aveo! So take 2 was Brandon taking his truck to the store on Wednesday. Wish I could have gone with him, but his truck is just too loud, no a/c and no seat belts. So that is pretty much out of the question. It only took 4 days for the dresser/changer to arrive at the store! That was faster than we anticipated! It just means we have to get our rears in gear and finish emptying out the baby room so the floors can be sealed and the dresser put in its place.

Of course, we did not discover that the dresser was fully assembled until after we had it unloaded from Brandon's truck. It was pretty entertaining. Right on top was this particle board piece. Us thinking it is the back or bottom, put it aside nicely. Brandon and Allen removed a LOT of styrofoam. And by a lot, I mean enough to fill the back of Brandon's truck! We get to see the top of the piece and lo and behold, it is completely assembled! I am happy we don't have to put it together, but a little sad. I was looking forward to 'building' the dresser. Maybe we will actually get to build the crib...

The date is set for the Family Shower! Two weeks! That seems so close! But I am excited for it and a bit nervous. Shower games have always been interesting, and I am wondering what things will take place at this shower. I just never have done well being the center of attention and I can just see how red my face will be. But I enjoy being at family gatherings and am so looking forward to that! It just means we are closer to Nikolai's arrival date and that to is exciting and scary! But mostly exciting!

Happiness aside, I am getting stretch marks!!! Oh, NO!!!!! I guess that I am lucky to have made it this far without having any, but sad that it is starting.  Brandon saw them the other day when getting ready for bed. Silly saddle area! Brandon had mentioned a while ago that the area is more 'squishy' than it was before. We gotta build something to support the weight of the baby! Hopefully they wont get too bad in the 11 weeks that are left!

What a way to begin week 29!

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