Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Interesting Evening...

So, Saturday evening was interesting...

We had a birthday celebration dinner to go to last night for a friend of ours. Mmm, Black Angus Steakhouse! Such great Fillet Mignon (that is what I ordered, even though it was $3 extra)! We had a coupon and a party of 17 people! And of course, we were the first ones there. 40 minutes early! But that gave us time to run back to a Walgreen's and grab a card for the special birthday girl! So, at least the wait time wasn't that bad. But then, it took them at least 20 minutes to get the table ready for us to sit. Which, with a party that big, I can understand. We finally order our main course, after the appetizer, and when it finally arrived some good amount of time later, only half our party got their food! No point in waiting to eat, those of us who had gotten our food, it started to get cold! So, we ate. Not until once we finished did the other half of our party receive their food! It was crazy! I felt so bad eating in front of them, but my meal smelled so good! (steak, broccoli with parmesan cheese, and loaded baked potato soup!) Once we all finished our food, it took at least a good 30-45 minutes to get the desserts out! We were there for 4 hours! Most of it waiting time! I guess one of us complained because we got on top of the coupon, free sodas, a 25% discount and free desserts for those that did not use the coupon! The servers were so apologetic and the manager even came out and apologized to us. Hey, it was over an $80 meal for only $40! It was just crazy! And it didn't end there!

Not to end the night with that, on the drive home Brandon turns the car around to pull into the gas station. I am thinking "what is going on?!?" Cause it was a little abrupt. Thought maybe we needed gas. No! There was a Pygmy Owl sitting on the wall! Just chilling on the wall on the side of the road! We tried to get a picture and even got the car right next to it! But it got spooked and flew off. But how cool, the owl was just sitting there, moving his little head. Right before it flew off, his little head cocked to the side. Owls are just cool creatures! And Brandon saw it from the road, driving past. Too bad we couldn't get a picture, but so glad he saw that!

Once we got home, we were in major need of the use of the bathroom. After I come out, I hear Brandon yelling to gab a plastic cup. So I am thinking, great the toilet from off the office is leaking. I grab it and Brandon is all panicked. Turns out, he almost stepped on a huge scorpion! Well, at least 3 inches including the tail, but I am guesstimating and am not that great with eyeballing measurement. I am NOT going to attempt to measure the thing! So we spent a good hour trying to get the thing to come out from behind the bookcase. We spooked it trying to get it before, and it ran behind the thing. Now, I have a pet scorpion in a plastic cup with a coaster taped to the top right by my kitchen sink. Maybe I can give it to the bug guy when he comes to spray? We haven't seen a scorpion in a while and usually Hera, our cat, gets to them before we do. Hopefully we don't see more in the coming months. I don't want that worry when the baby is here, then starts to crawl and then starts to walk...

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