Thursday, September 2, 2010

A bowling ball in my stomach!?!

I have been learning, as time progresses, that it is becoming more and more difficult to do things that require getting close to the floor! Things like emptying and loading the dishwasher (especially the bottom rack) and taking clothes out from the dryer. Either I do it and once I get back up, my back aches horribly, or I just can't get the weight back up. This also means that grabbing peoples shoe sizes at the bowling alley is becoming more difficult too! At least I can work the register and tell the other person they need to do the shoes. And at home, Brandon - I am sorry, but I am going to need your help with the dishes and laundry. What am I going to do with myself during the day time? scrapbook... :)

People have asked me what it is like, being pregnant. I have decided that it is like carrying a 10 pound bowling ball strapped to your stomach only not quite so hard. You can't lay on your stomach or have it dig into you. Can't lay on your back because the weight is on your spine. It gets in the way when bending over, can't reach your feet an toes. And does this make for a difficult time washing feet and legs in the shower! But, does this bowling ball definitely kick back! And how much fun is that! I rub it all the time! It is more fun to watch than the TV! I love my bowling ball belly, but cannot weight for Nikolai to come out of it so I can lay on my back and stomach again. And not to mention holding him!!!


  1. And you'll be able to see your feet again!

  2. Haha - so fun :) But it sounds like a lot of work!

  3. Yeah! it is, and it is supposed to get worse in the coming months! That I am not looking forward to. Oh well... :)


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