Friday, September 17, 2010

Practice Makes ... ?

Well... I had my interview with Sahuarita School District yesterday for a substituting job. Now that I have actually reflected on the questions and the coordinator's responses, I think it went fairly well! That excites me. I have heard good things about the district and the campus looks wonderful. I will be keeping my fingers crossed. And, I had so many stories to go with some of the questions (especially discipline)! One of the questions was about what type of situation you would send a student straight to the principal's office. Not that I needed to think about the question so much (is that bad?), but I had a story to go with every response I gave her. Maybe not that every story involved something I have seen, but something I have heard! And I could go off on a couple of those stories too! But really, it fits with emotional and physical safety of the students; the moment that is broken or threatened, then to me, that requires immediate principal intervention. But I guess the way I phrased my response, "you just don't treat another human being that way" made her really think about it. Apparently, no one has responded quite that way before. That is a good thing, right? And, she said she should get the references verified quickly so I can get as much time in before Nikolai is born. That is a good sign, right?

I am hoping that the extensive practice from school (teacher assisting, practicum placements, immersion substituting, student teaching) will make the substituting experience for me at least a little easier. Especially after the student teaching. There was nothing like being in the classroom everyday, all day. Oh, I do miss it though. Maybe because I am bored at home, maybe because the kids and my cooperating teachers were awesome. But, it was a lot of fun, even the difficult parts. I guess I am just nervous...

Speaking of practice... Wow, is doing the exercises from the classes difficult. Not that they are physically demanding, but that there are quite a few repetitions that are needed to be done with the exercises. It is more finding the time to fit them into the day. Especially after this week. Granted, it has only been a few days since our first class (and two weeks until our next one), there has been a lot that has gone on between then and now (work, the interview). Not only that, but some of them requires Brandon's assistance. That is not a problem, but he gets home around 5 because of overtime, and then I have to leave to go to work at 5:30. That doesn't allow a lot of time to do anything but get ready for work. I don't exactly want to do those things in my work clothes. Just not comfortable.

One exercise is relaxation. Tensing and releasing muscles from toes to head, and the guy messaging/ rubbing the area that is tense to help relax. This will be built upon for the use during labor and delivery, and we do it before going to bed (because it makes me so sleepy). But when I get home after 10, the lateness of it makes it difficult, especially when Brandon needs to be up by 5 am. This is going to require a routine change.  Routine changes seem to be so difficult. Brandon suggested that I just do it myself last night, before falling asleep. That slightly defeats the purpose of the exercise. Especially if it is going to be primarily him doing the work (because most of my work will be internal). So, practice we must, that way when the time comes, it will be more natural, more procedural without thought. If only the timing were easier...

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