Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was the first day Brandon heard Nikolai's heartbeat without the Doctors office using the Doppler! At least as far as we think. I read in that the dad should be able to start hearing the baby's heartbeat by putting his ear to the stomach. We had been trying that for the last week with no results. Today, I was laying on the sofa and he went to hug my stomach. I put my hand over is ear just to hold him close. When I moved my hand away Brandon responded, "wait! I think I heard it!" So we tried again and he got so excited! Tears in my eyes, did I see tears in his? We were talking the other day, that I need to record the next appointment so he can hear Nikolai's heartbeat. Now, maybe I don't need to... Course, I think I will still try. But, one week to go until the next visit...

Tuesday, we start our child-birthing class. It will be here before we know it! Thursday I have an interview for a substitute teaching position with Sahuarita Unified School District. Three nights of working at the bowling alley somewhere in there. This next week is gonna fly, I have a feeling. I am just going to have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that all goes well!!!

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